What Is SEO All About?

The first question someone usually has when they hear the phrase “search engine optimization” is “what is that?”. A writer who spends their time writing content for SEO(search engine optimization) campaigns likely has to answer this question on a regular basis when asked about their work. The same could be said for a marketing professional who works in a digital marketing firm. Likewise, a business owner may need to explain the concept and the need to invest in it to his employees.

The bottom line is that everyone is curious about search engine optimization. What is it for? How does it work? Is it worth the money that it costs? What’s the best way to get it done? These are all some follow-up questions that people might have depending on their profession. A few of these concepts will be covered in further detail. But let’s start by answering the original question:

What Is SEO?

So far, just from what you’ve read in the content above, you may have figured out that SEO stands for search engine optimization. You may have also figured out that it is somehow related to digital marketing. Finally, you may have also deduced that it involves writers who write content. These are all true statements, but barely enough to be considered an explanation of the subject.

Let’s start with the first point that you discovered. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” Those three words explain the entire concept very nicely. The first two words “Search Engine” usually refer to Google (because it is the largest and most popular search engine) but can apply to any search engine in existence.

But what about optimization? What is being optimized? The search engine itself is not being optimized. Rather, your website is being optimized for search engines. This is where things start to get a little more confusing.

The Statistical Advantage.

Each time you search a word, phrase, question, recipe, song lyric, or anything else on Google you see a list of about ten results. Those ten listings are called your organic listings. This does not include any listing that contains the word “AD” or any of the shopping items shown off to the side

Statistics tell us that more than 70 percent of people click one of the websites that come up on the first page when they search for something via Google. Considering that Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches a day, that’s a lot of people clicking a website found in the first ten results of their search.

Furthermore, statistics tell us that more than 30 percent of all people click the very first result in the organic listings. When a person clicks a website link in the Google search results, it is often referred to as a click-through. Each site listed after the first one receives a smaller percentage of click-throughs than the last. By the time you reach the last website on the first page, less than 1 percent of people are clicking that link.

This all leads to one very obvious truth: the closer a site is listed towards the top the more visitors they will receive. More visitors is, of course, good for business. It means more leads, more sales, more brand awareness, and more profits in your pockets.

But how do you get your website to be listed as the number one site for a search term? Through search engine optimization.

SEO Is The Answer.

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on the optimization of your website according to Google’s ranking algorithm. This optimization results in your website being listed at or near the first result for a targeted keyword. That is the fundamental underlying goal of search engine optimization. Of course, as with any marketing strategy, you want a higher goal than this, but this concept will work for the purpose of explanation.

Achieving this goal can be rather difficult. It involves two separate fields of focus. The first field is called on-site optimization and the second field is called off-site optimization. Both of these are vastly different, yet equally important.

On-site optimization is all about writing high-quality content that includes the targeted keyword you want your web page to be ranked highly for. That’s where the writers mentioned earlier come into play. It also involves other areas of optimization such as titles, descriptions, images, videos, and such.

The second area, off-site optimization, is mostly about building up a list of links that lead back to your website. Google likes it when authority, high-quality websites link to other sites. That makes Google think the site being linked to is credible and worth ranking highly.

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Get Some Help.

The information covered here is still only a drop in the bucket. There’s so much to learn when it comes to SEO that it’s best to leave it to the professionals. If you’re already running a business, then it’s a good idea to hire the services of a professional digital marketing agency to help your site reach the top rankings.

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